If you want to play on the PGA Tour you will need to succeed in college, but nobody talks about that transition. At Smart Athletes, the College Golf Transition series only talks about the leap from high school to college, and what it takes to be successful. Learn how to succeed in college, so you can continue your golfing career afterwards.  With the Lite course, you will have access to all the course content but upgrade to the Pro and Champion levels to get access to weekly content, discussions and dedicated time with the coaches. 

With the PRO version of the course you will get all the great video content, plus over a hundred prompted discussions for hands-on learning, and weekly video Q/A sessions, so the learning experience is tailored to your specific circumstance.  




Every college golfer has the dream of playing professionally but only 1% will succeed in that transition. The other 99% didn't have the tools for success - BUT YOU CAN!

  • Over 3.5 hours of video content

  • 100+ prompted discussion questions

  • College preparation & success tips

  • Lifetime access!

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The Golf Schedule - The Weekend


  • 1


    • Course and Coach Intro

    • Course and Coach Intro - Discussion

  • 2

    Choosing a College

    • Coach

    • Resource for Choosing a College

    • Coach - Discussion

    • Location

    • Location - Discussion

    • Courses

    • Courses - Discussion

    • Schedule

    • Schedule - Discussion

    • Tryouts

    • Tryouts - Discussion

    • Weekly Qualifying

    • Weekly Qualifying - Discussion

    • Competition

    • Competition - Discussion

  • 3

    Making a Good 1st Impression

    • First Week

    • First Week - Discussion

    • Know Your Goal

    • Know Your Goal - Discussion

    • Know the Course(s)

    • Know the Course(s) - Discussion

    • Your Golf Game

    • Your Golf Game - Discussion

    • Travel

    • Travel - Discussion

    • School

    • School - Discussion

    • Pre-Qualifying

    • Pre-Qualifying - Discussion

    • Short Game

    • Short Game - Discussion

  • 4

    The Golf Schedule

    • Weekly Qualifying

    • Weekly Qualifying - Discussion

    • Daily Grind

    • Daily Grind - Discussion

    • Gym

    • Gym - Discussion

    • Practice

    • Practice - Discussion

    • Weather

    • Weather - Discussion

    • Food/Energy

    • Food/Energy - Discussion

    • School

    • School - Discussion

    • Weekend

    • Weekend - Discussion

    • Under a Microscope

    • Under a Microscope - Discussion

  • 5

    The School Schedule

    • Efficient

    • Efficient - Discussion

    • Student Athlete

    • Student Athlete - Discussion

    • Missed Work

    • Missed Work - Discussion

    • Eligibility

    • Eligibility - Discussion

    • Study Halls

    • Study Halls - Discussion

  • 6

    Measures of Success

    • Golf Game

    • Golf Game - Discussion

    • No Burnout

    • No Burnout - Discussion

    • Mental Game

    • Mental Game - Discussion

    • Relationships

    • Relationships - Discussion

    • Degree

    • Degree - Discussion

  • 7


    • Keeping in Touch

    • Keeping in Touch - Discussion

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this course different from the Pro and Champion courses?

    The lite version only includes video content. Students will not receive quizzes (and responses), coach discussions, weekly video content, or one-on-one time with the coach (Champion).

  • When does it make sense to enroll in the course?

    The sooner the better. Even if you have a couple years left in high school you can start preparing yourself for the challenge of college golfer. If you are already enrolled in college or have a school picked out, you can still gain valuable insights to shift your perspective.

  • Do you help the junior golfer pick a college?

    Yes and no. Yes, we will go over the questions you should be asking colleges so you make the right decision. No, we will not consult or support in finding a college, that is for someone in an advisor position.


Adam Golesh

College Golf Instructor

Adam had the dream of playing on the PGA Tour, like many other junior golfers. Although he got to enjoy college golf, the obstacles and the variables that NO ONE talks about were just too much to overcome. As a result, Adam didn't achieve his dream and he has made it his passion in life to make sure you don't follow in his footsteps of being unprepared in college. Enroll in one of Adam's courses today to gain valuable insight about the transition from high school golf to college golf, so you can increase your chances of succeeding in college.